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bag & checkout redesign

case study


In my role as the UX Director at Express, I had the opportunity to lead a rather large redesign effort focused on our Bag and Checkout experience on our e-commerce platform. This project aimed to streamline the shopping journey, enhance user satisfaction, and ultimately increase conversions. This case study outlines the challenges faced, the comprehensive redesign, and the remarkable results achieved.



Before the redesign, Express’s Bag and Checkout process faced several challenges:

  1. Complex Checkout Process: The checkout process was convoluted and lengthy, leading to cart abandonment and customer frustration.

  2. Limited Payment Options: Customers were limited in their payment choices, causing dissatisfaction and lost sales.

  3. Inconsistent Bag Experience: The Bag page lacked dynamic features, such as real-time price updates and item availability, making it difficult for users to manage their selections.

  4. Inadequate Cross-Selling: Express struggled to effectively cross-sell complementary products in the Bag, missing out on opportunities to increase average order value.

  5. Mobile Responsiveness: The Bag and Checkout experience on mobile devices was not optimized, leading to a subpar mobile shopping experience.


Solution & Impact

Our solution focused on creating a user-centric Bag and Checkout experience, addressing the identified challenges:

  1. Streamlined Checkout Process:

    • Redesigned the checkout flow to reduce steps and simplify the user journey.
    • Implemented a guest checkout option to expedite the process.
  2. Payment Options:

    • Expanded payment options to include various methods like digital wallets, PayPal, and installment payments, giving users more choices.
  3. Dynamic Bag Experience:

    • Introduced real-time updates for price, item availability, and stock notifications.
    • Enhanced the mobile experience by implementing responsive design principles.
  4. Effective Cross-Selling:

    • Utilized personalized product recommendations based on the contents of the Bag, increasing cross-selling opportunities.
  5. Mobile Optimization:

    • Optimized the Bag and Checkout experience for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless shopping journey across all platforms.


The comprehensive Bag and Checkout redesign produced remarkable results:

  1. Conversion Rate Increase: The simplified checkout process led to an increase in conversion rates, as more customers completed their purchases.

  2. Expanded Payment Options: The inclusion of additional payment methods resulted in incremental revenue, with customers appreciating the flexibility.

  3. Dynamic Bag Experience: Real-time updates on price and item availability reduced cart abandonment and improved user satisfaction.

  4. Cross-Selling Success: Personalized product recommendations in the Bag increased the average order value, enhancing Express’s revenue.

  5. Mobile Optimization: The optimized mobile experience led to an increase in mobile conversions, catering to the growing mobile shopping trend.

In summary, the Bag and Checkout redesign project was instrumental in improving Express’s e-commerce platform’s usability, efficiency, and conversion rates. This project not only addressed user pain points but also positioned Express as a leader in delivering a seamless online shopping experience, aligning with our brand’s commitment to style and innovation.

“Our bag and checkout redesign has transformed more than just our digital experience; it’s become a gateway to seamless transactions, elevating convenience for our valued customers and propelling us towards a future of shopping simplicity.”

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