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buy online pick up in store

case study


As the UX Director at Express, I led a transformative project to enhance the Buy Online Pick Up In Store (BOPIS) experience for our customers. The goal was to create a seamless, efficient, and convenient process for shoppers to purchase items online and pick them up at their preferred Express store. This case study highlights the problem definition, our innovative solution, and the remarkable results achieved through this project. 


Express, a fashion retailer, recognized the growing importance of omnichannel shopping experiences. However, the existing BOPIS process was cumbersome, resulting in user frustration and lower conversion rates. Key issues included:

  1. Complex Checkout Process: The online checkout process for BOPIS was convoluted, leading to cart abandonment and a poor user experience.

  2. Inconsistent Inventory: Customers often found that the items they wished to purchase were not available at their chosen store, causing disappointment and lost sales.

  3. Long Wait Times: The in-store pickup process was often inefficient, with customers experiencing long wait times at the store, leading to negative brand perceptions.

  4. Lack of Real-Time Updates: Shoppers were unaware of the status of their order, leading to uncertainty and frustration


Solution & Impact

Our solution focused on creating a user-centric BOPIS experience that bridged the online and offline shopping worlds. Here’s how we tackled each of the identified problems:

  1. Streamlined Checkout Process:

    • We redesigned the online checkout process specifically for BOPIS orders, reducing steps and simplifying the user journey.
    • Users could now easily select the BOPIS option, see store availability, and confirm their order.
  2. Inventory Visibility:

    • Implemented real-time inventory tracking via RFID to ensure accurate stock information.
    • Added a “Find in Store” feature, allowing users to locate items in nearby stores.
  3. Efficient In-Store Pickup:

    • Introduced a dedicated BOPIS counter in stores, reducing wait times significantly.
    • Implemented appointment scheduling for pickups during peak hours, enhancing the overall customer experience.
  4. Order Status Updates:

    • Provided real-time order tracking and notifications via SMS and email.
    • Users could check the status of their order, from preparation to ready for pickup.

Additionally, we launched a mobile app update that enabled customers to check in for their pickup, allowing for a contactless and efficient experience.


The impact of these UX improvements on Express’s BOPIS process was remarkable:

  1. Conversion Rate Increase: The simplified checkout process led to an increase in BOPIS orders, as more customers completed their purchases.

  2. Inventory Accuracy: Real-time inventory updates reduced instances of unfulfilled orders, resulting in a decrease in customer complaints related to item availability.

  3. Improved Customer Satisfaction: Wait times for in-store pickups decreased, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  4. Enhanced Brand Perception: The implementation of real-time order tracking and notifications improved trust and customer perception of Express’s commitment to convenience and efficiency.

In summary, this BOPIS project transformed Express’s omnichannel shopping experience, aligning it with customer expectations in the digital age. The user-centric approach not only drove significant business results but also positioned Express as a leader in providing a seamless online-to-offline shopping journey.

“The success of our Buy Online, Pick Up In Store project isn’t just about the efficiency of transactions; it’s a testament to the seamless fusion of online convenience and in-store experience, redefining how our customers shop.”

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