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As the UX Director at Express, I guided a project aimed at enhancing the Product Detail Page (PDP) experience for our customers. Our goal was to create a more engaging, informative, and user-friendly PDP, aligning with our brand’s commitment to style and innovation. This case study presents the comprehensive redesign, focusing on the integration of a new image viewer, improved fulfillment options, user-generated content, a “How to Wear It” section, upgraded Ratings & Reviews, a refreshed visual design, and enhanced zoomed-in images.



Before the redesign, the Express PDP faced several issues:

  1. Limited Visual Engagement: The static images failed to fully showcase the product’s details, making it difficult for customers to visualize the item.

  2. Complex Fulfillment Options: Customers found it challenging to select the appropriate fulfillment method, leading to confusion and cart abandonment.

  3. Lack of User Interaction: The PDP lacked user-generated content, making it difficult for shoppers to see how real people styled and wore the product.

  4. Inadequate Information: Customers sought styling inspiration and guidance on how to incorporate the product into their wardrobe.

  5. Outdated Reviews Section: The existing Ratings & Reviews section lacked interactivity and helpful information.


Solution & Impact

We embarked on a comprehensive redesign journey, addressing the identified problems and introducing innovative features to enhance the PDP:

  1. New Image Viewer, Including Video:

    • Implemented an immersive image viewer that allowed customers to view the product from multiple angles and zoom in for close-ups.
    • Introduced video capabilities to showcase the product in motion, giving a more comprehensive view.
  2. Improved Fulfillment Selection Options:

    • Simplified the fulfillment process with clear, user-friendly options and real-time availability information.
  3. User-Generated Content:

    • Enabled customers to upload their own photos showcasing how they styled and wore the product, fostering a sense of community and authenticity.
  4. How to Wear It Section:

    • Introduced a dedicated section that displayed the product in various outfits, offering styling inspiration and practical guidance.
  5. Upgraded Ratings & Reviews Section:

    • Redesigned the Reviews section with interactive features, allowing users to filter by factors important to them (e.g., body type, age).
    • Included the ability to rate reviews for helpfulness, improving the overall review quality.
  6. Refreshed Visual Design:

    • Simplified the layout, reduced clutter, and improved readability.
    • Ensured a consistent visual language and brand identity across the PDP.
  7. Zoomed-In Images:

    • Included high-resolution, zoomed-in images to highlight intricate details of the product, enhancing customer confidence in their purchase.


The comprehensive redesign of the Express PDP yielded impressive results:

  1. Increased Engagement: The new image viewer and video capabilities led to an increase in user engagement on the PDP.

  2. Improved Fulfillment Selection: Clearer fulfillment options reduced cart abandonment rates, as customers found it easier to choose the right option.

  3. User-Generated Content: The addition of user-generated photos resulted in an increase in conversions, as shoppers felt more confident seeing how real people wore the products.

  4. Styling Inspiration: The “How to Wear It” section led to an increase in page views, as customers sought inspiration and guidance on incorporating products into their wardrobes.

  5. Enhanced Reviews: The upgraded Ratings & Reviews section saw an increase in customer engagement and an increase in conversion rate, driven by more helpful and interactive reviews.

  6. Refreshed Visual Design: The simplified and modernized visual design received positive feedback from users and improved the overall usability and trustworthiness of the PDP.

  7. Zoomed-In Images: Customers appreciated the ability to scrutinize product details, resulting in a reduction in product returns due to dissatisfaction with product quality.

In conclusion, the Express PDP redesign not only addressed user pain points but also significantly improved user engagement, conversion rates, and overall satisfaction. This project exemplifies our commitment to delivering an exceptional online shopping experience that aligns with Express’s brand values and commitment to fashion-forward innovation.

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“The success of our product detail page redesign isn’t just measured in clicks and conversions; it’s in the smiles of satisfied customers who now find joy and confidence in their purchasing decisions.”

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