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iChatDid I mention I got a new MacBookPro? Well, more on that later. Right now, I’m trying to figure out how to best implement a voice/video chat setup. I used to use iChat, then I switched to Adium, then most recently, moved to I like Meebo, since it basically keeps all my chat logs in sync. I’ve got Leopard now, so iChat is looking awfully nice. So I fired it up today. Big problem…I can’t connect to Yahoo! or MSN networks. I’ve got a few friends that just won’t play nice, and grab themselves an AIM acct. Slackers, that’s all I can say. So what should I do? Anyone? I guess if I want to use video chat, I probably have to use iChat. I also have a Skype account. I like the audio quality with that. Anyone got a camera and a Skype account that we can try out the video features? Get my contact info here, I’d love to hear how you use voice/video. Or you can just leave a comment on this post.