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So, me and a friend were talking about Carbon Footprints. He drives about 110 miles roundtrip every day. That just seems crazy to me. I did it for about a year, but quickly realized that the 10 hours a week spent in the car was worth moving over.

Anyways, I’ve purchased a new home, and am trying to rent out my current place. I live about 1/2 a mile from work. So that means I’m driving, on average, one mile per day. Let’s do the math:

Let’s say you have a car that gets about 30 miles per gallon, and you pretty much just drive to work and back (stopping on the way at the local grocery store, etc). So, you’re doing 5 days a week times 4 weeks equals 20 days you’re driving to work. So, theoretically you could go all month on a gallon of gas. Let’s then say that you have about a 13 gallon tank. So…how does going a year on a tank of gas sound?

It, of course, never works out that way. But it sounds good. There are people who get to walk to work. I guess I would if it wasn’t 98 degrees every day in the summer. Nothing like feeling like you’ve sat in a sauna all day THEN going to work.