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After conducting a Usability Study recently, I had to put together a report that summarized my findings. This was pretty in depth. I am much more comfortable talking about the results of a study with stakeholders than putting together something more formal. It was good practice.

Things I notice:

  1. It is hard for me to separate the problems I observed from actually designing solutions in the moment.
  2. If you don’t take note of timestamps of the video recordings, it’s hard to go back and find that clip you want to show the client.
  3. I seem to question myself if I’m making too much of a generalization when I assert that something was a usability issue if a majority of participants didn’t have the issue. But I seem to still think it’s an issue.
  4. Get a template. You should be doing this so frequently that you pull out a Powerpoint doc, and you have a template to work from.