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I imagine a poster with Uncle Sam saying “I Want You – To Help Make My Website Better” would work to get usability testing participants.

But, if you’ve tried it – and it didn’t work – maybe you could give remote recruitment a whirl. Ethnio and Mechanical Turk are a couple I looked at this week. Remember Mechanical Turk? Yeah, it’s the site that’ll give you a whole cent to read a sentence and find any misspellings, or to type words found in images. Ethnio seems more refined – and geared toward usability studies.

My favorite has to be though. It’s a full-service, well service. It can help with recruiting, recording, and they even have a professional services team that can help put together reporting if you are a team-of-one, and don’t have a lot of time to go through the vids.

What do you use for recruiting for remote testing?